Our incredible Galaxy S6 has no expandable memory and we are stuck with 16 GB mostly filled with app data and pictures. When we are travelling or even at home, we do not want to carry around a Blue Ray Player to everywhere we go. And Netflix doesn't even have the TV shows and movies we like and it also requires massive amount of Internet Data, which thanks to our service providers are limited to 2GB a month (which is fraction of a size of a movie). So we wanted to create something portable and not waste our cellular data.

What it does

AIRVIDEO is a device where we can plug in SD Card containing our favorite TV shows and movies and we are able to connect to the device via WIFI. That simple.

How we built it

We combined an Intel Edison with a SparkFun SD Card Block and Rechargable

Challenges we ran into

Setting up and making it work with Gear VR with various platforms

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a working prototype that is able to connect to the WiFi of the device and play video files wirelessly from the SD Card in our phone, laptops and Gear VR.

What's next for AirVideo - Wireless HD Video Streaming Player

Refine it and encrypt the video files to prevent piracy and pitch it to movie studios.


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