The inspiration for this idea came from conflicts between choice of music that we would often run into during study sessions and when working on group projects.

What it does

AirTunes allows for a group of users to create single session for playing music. Any user in this group with the AirTunes app will be able to request a song that he/she likes. The song requests are then added to a single queue and played in order. Through AirTunes a group of users can each play his/her favorite song without any conflict or hassle.

How we built it

AirTunes was built using the Spotify API and some swag.

Challenges we ran into

Logging in with correct authorization from Spotify. An integrated web api was intended to be built but ran into problems with the parse javascript api.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The working iPhone app.

What we learned

How to use Parse as a backend for web and mobile. How to use the Spotify API

What's next for AirTunes

Integrated Web App through which users can add song requests, public IPO, and beyond. (Just Kidding...we really want to expand the idea and hopefully release it on the App Store with access to the web api. Some features we have in mind include commenting on songs that are currently being played, saving songs that you've heard for the first time on AirTunes).

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