Team Name: Crayon


Leveraging inflight time of each and every user in a most meaningful way.


More than 7 million hours of on air time is not utilized every month and the numbers are increasing at the rate of more than 20% per year.
Travellers want to enjoy their in-flight time in the best way and not just by getting bored.

What it does

It caters to the need of every type of users so that they can make best use of their in flight time in a way they want.
1. For persons looking for building their network
App connects them with other passengers with similar professional interests. They can chat and create new business opportunities.
2. For persons looking for social activities
They can chat and share with other passengers with similar social interests. Also, they can be a part of some interest groups or create new groups and interact with multiple people.
3. For persons seeking rest
Activate the 'Do not disturb' mode and our app will make sure that no one disturbs you.
4. For entertainment seeking person
App provides a gaming section where multiple passengers can play and compete.
5. For others
There are more facilities in the 'More' section of the app to read books, printer services(if feasible) etc.

How we built it

We are developing for android using machine learning and flask.
For finding people with mutual corporate or social interests, profile of people created(added at the time of installing the app) is used. Using machine learning, a score is assigned to users on the basis of similarity between their activities, work experiences and where they are going. The app lets them connect only if both the users are interested.
Similarly for interest groups, multiple people can join in and chat.
We are using a status for each users to indicate if he's busy, available, away or on do not disturb mode. For rest, do not disturb mode is activated.
For games, a common score board is displayed.

Challenges we ran into

Main challenges were:

  1. How to keep users engage and not letting them drift away.
  2. How to cater needs of diverse range of personas.
  3. Effectively matching the interests of passengers travelling.
  4. How to ensure not to overwhelm a person.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Able to make optimal use of inflight time for all spectrum of personas.
  2. Leading to more satisfied customer base.

Monetary points for Vistara?

  1. More satisfied customers -> More booking through Vistara -> More revenue.
  2. Vistara points on games ultimately leading to more Vistara bookings(Club Vistara).

What's next for AirTime

  1. Expanding to utilization of on airport time in a similar manner to provide seamless experience.
  2. Involving airport services in it.
  3. Supporting augmented and virtual reality in some way.
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