We wanted to play Guitar Hero with a twist. Now, you can!

What it does

Users are able to record music from different instruments using body movements similar to play that instrument.

How it's built

Airstrument is built through a web application created with bootstrap, for responsive design, php and javascript scripting, and css for animation and styles. The application is connected to two accelerometers on an arduino that records user movements onto a text file. The text file connects to the user's computer through Wi-Fi. We're able to ready the movements to display which cords the user is playing.

Challenges I ran into

How does one hack for a web application without internet?

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have taken on a new challenge.

What We learned

We learned that we really need wi-fi. In addition, we learned to achieve more through teamwork and knowledge sharing.



What's next for airstrument

Next up, we have to configure our app to a r-pi touch screen. Thus, the application will be fully mobile. You can play air guitar anytime, anywair.

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