AirStatus is a notification network for individuals who want air quality updates for their local community.  It's aimed at anyone with asthma, allergies, or other lung diseases as well as healthy adults who maintain an active outdoor lifestyle. AirStatus monitors the Air Quality Index also known as the AQI, which is a measurement of air quality standards established by the EPA for the purpose of protecting public health.  AirStatus keeps track of ground-level ozone and airborne particles (caused by ash, vehicle exhaust, pollen and even dust storms). Simply put, it's an index for reporting how clean or polluted your air is. Here's how it works: Visit Sign up with your email, mobile number, and your current city of residence. Every day, AirStatus will fetch the latest AQI levels and will send alerts to subscribers who may then take steps to protect themselves, their families, and others by planning around these high pollution days.  AirStatus is free to use and available at Thank you for your support. AirStatus depends on the data available from the AIRNow Gateway ( which provides real-time air quality data for more than 300 cities across the country.  

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