The inspiration for this idea came from a dreaded 18 hour journey to Sydney where Nik spent £800 hoping that he would get a seat of his choice at that price, only to later find out that post booking they were no legroom seats available.

How it works

The user enters their flight search criteria, we then use the Sabre InstaFlightSearch to find the seats available (Note; we ran into issues, so we have cached this for now for one airline/trip) but we then do a live call to the SeatMap API from Sabre to get the seat information for that flight followed by doing a call to the SeatGuru API to get an overlay of the best possible seats.

Challenges I ran into

Curating the data from the InstaFlightSearch and using it as an overlay to see available seats in real time per leg of the journey. Purely because we didn't have enough time and wanted to focus on the combination of the SeatGuru API and SeatMap API for a specific journey

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Bieng able to combine both the SeatGuru API and SeatMap API and putting the fundamentals in place to use the InstaFlightSearch

What I learned

One needs to focus on specific airlines, a lot of the airlines we did calls on the SeatMap API didn't return a response so we didn't get the seat information to help us find the best seat for the person requesting the journey.

What's next for AirSeat - Finding you the best seat

We are going to look at seeing if we can re-visit the InstaFlightSearch, focussing on only airlines we know return a response from the SeatMap API together with focussing on airlines who offer specific seats for purchase (like emergency exit seats)

Built With

  • sabre-seatmap
  • seatguru
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