Currently domestic and international airlines suffer huge economic losses due to spread of Coronavirus. People stopped travel and airlines cancelled flights because travel by airplane is no longer safe. Before vaccine coming, the only best way to fighting against virus is isolation. This is primitive, but essential. We, Airsafe team want to provide a safe protection wear for the air passengers during their entire journey. There is no reason to ground airplane just due to lack of human protection. The solution is simple, but effective. We extend the concept of using protect wear in hospital to the air traffic.

What it does

The concept is to wear protective suits starting from arriving in Airport terminal and ending in destination terminal drop off point. During this period of journey, the passengers will be completely protected from contacting to virus.

How we built it

We try to design a comfortable and reusable protective clothing, which can isolate the passengers from potential virus. The repeated leases can greatly reduce the cost of every flight. A complete process from rental to recycling and disinfection was designed in our project. Finally we will do our best to convince the airport service companies and airlines to take our advice. Put the safety of passengers first is the key to restoring flights.

Challenges we ran into

If we want to ensure the effective isolation and safe during the flight, a mandatory policy that requires all passengers is necessary, so it is really a big challenge to get support from airports and airlines. We must take care of consumers' psychology, and provide a very comfortable experience of wear and a convenient pick up-return process.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

All the members of Airsafe team are experts in their field. We collect resources from various industries to solve the problem of flights during COVID-19 virus.

What we learned

Working on the Airsafe team, we were expected to produce one major win in fighting with COVID-19 virus. We developed the habit of keeping a log of failed tests each day. We learned how to be self-disciplined. We learn how to teamwork efficiently on the EUvsVirus Hackathon. We learned how to find a good supplier and discover some costs we always ignored.

What's next for Airsafe

After the corona, with the experience of serving the airlines. Airsafe will focus on R&D to produce more competitive safety gears, and adapt the market share business model to rent out variety safety gears to different industries. We want to keep everyone SAFE in everyday!

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