Today, it is no longer just the quality of life in the world's major metropolises that is massively restricted due to heavy pollution for the air. Global air pollution is rising rapidly. In order to raise awareness among the population and thus create acceptance and the desire for change, we developed a proof of concept for a compact mobile air quality module that can stream a wide variety of different key figures via IOTA's MAM protocol. This means, on the one hand, that the measurement of reliable air quality data is no longer the exclusive responsibility of the government bodies, but also allows for the participation of the community. By recording many individual data points on a larger scale, more reliable and transparent data collection is also guaranteed. One can access our data by buying the data stream on the IOTA Marketplace as well as following air quality conditions on our website, where we created a heatmap that visualizes the recorded data. In order for other services or apps like Citopia to incorporate these key insides into the environment, we provide an API.

Our module can be easily attached to bicycles, electric scooters, and other personal vehicles. This allows air quality data to be collected over large areas.

It also enables us to create new business models. Ridesharing providers for the likes of e-scooters and bikes can install this module in their vehicles. These kinds of vehicles already have batteries, GPS sensors and a connection to the internet. This makes it even more easy for them to add our small module. As governments as well as companies and individuals are interested they can be accessed via the IOTA Marketplace. This is done through the Masked Authenticated Messaging communication protocol which adds functionality to emit and access an encrypted data stream over the tangle. Through this it adds integrity and privacy to the valuable data.

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