Pollution is an issue that is worsening as technological advances are being made in transportation and industry. Air pollution is increasing, and citizens without extra money to spend on research feel helpless as the air becomes more and more polluted. We felt that clean air was something that everyone should be able to have access too, and something more inexpensive and accessible should be available for the masses.

What it does

The AirQual Mobile tests the air quality of the surrounding area, notifies the user of the quality, then adds it onto a map with a colored dot, which is stored in a server. This map contains other users' colored dots from previous tests from around the world.

How we built it

The AirQual Mobile is built out of an Arduino, air quality sensors, and a Bluetooth Module.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We had had minimal experience with Arduinos, but we were still able to code one with air quality sensors and allow it to connect to an app via Bluetooth.

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