Long wait in airport security lines and TSA's inability in managing huge crowd.

What it does

This is Airport Traffic Monitor, it counts passengers entering and exiting the airport using "Pedestrian Planning" smart service and using "Indoor positioning" smart service to capture how many people are near to the security checkpoint area. Following are the business values out of this application. 1) Open more TSA gates: If there is large crowd entering to the airport then airport security can be informed and they can prepare for extra crowd by having more staff and opening more TSA gates beforehand. As soon as system see that the crowd inflow is upper than a threshold value then security team can be alerted. This will help in reducing wait times at the security lines.

2) Airlines can have more staff on standby: As soon as system sees that the crowd inflow is more than a threshold value then airlines can be alerted and they can have more staff on standby. Since there are many airlines so all of them may not have congestion but since the passenger inflow is large so they can be prepared just in case.

Application is showing following 3 statistics: 1) Live passenger count 2) Historical passenger count by showing last 5, 10, 15..30 mins passenger count data. 3) By analyzing historical data by using logistic regression algorithm we can predict tomorrow traffic.

How I built it

Its built on Predix, its capturing passenger count by using GE current "pedestrian planning" service and then its sending live passenger count to TSA's dashboard and its using Predix analytics service for historical passenger count. It is using logistic regression algorithm with many datapoints to predict future traffic. Its also using indoor positioning to capture crowd near security checks.

Challenges I ran into

1) Steep learning curve 2) No help in web

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

1) It helps in solving one of the biggest problems of today's time. 2) Built this app in a very short amount of time.

What I learned

1) Predix and its capabilties 2) GE Current smart services 3) Industrial internet of things.

What's next for Airport Traffic Monitor : GE Predix

1) Building more predictive analytics on current data 2) Securing passenger’s place in security lines by providing “fast pass” Disney like experience 3) Promote business by sending coupons to passengers 4) Scanning passenger’s temperature to detect biological threat 5) Scanning passenger’s behavior through video and image analysis to detect security threats

Application Credentials: username: predixpoc password: predixpoc

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