As frequent travelers with hundreds of flights, we know what it means to never know how far our gate is, if there's coffee nearby, if we should stop for shopping now or later, etc.. Airport Navigator is an attempt to improve the whole airport departure, transfer or arrival experience by providing useful information relevant to your current status (checked in, transferring, just arrived, etc..) and location.

What it does

Once you enter your flight information, Airport Navigator pulls all the information it can about your next flight, and brings it to the top. It tells you how long the walk is to your gate, what amenities are available nearby, security waiting times & more. Even more, based on the information automatically provided by other app users, important data like how busy the security checks are is saved and made available to everyone. Basically, all this data is crowd-sourced without requiring further sensors in the airports.

How we built it

We used the vanilla Android APIs using the latest guidelines in material design, as well as google maps for a beautiful visual representation of all the things that matter. The Google location services were also used, so that you can always have an estimated walking time duration to each restaurant, coffee shop or gate. For the data we used XAPIX by manually collecting the initial information and creating API endpoints that the app can access.

Challenges we ran into

Almost all of the features that we put into Airport Navigator are brand new, never offered by other apps. This means that we had to collect the initial data ourselves, create APIs for it (thankfully XAPIX was of great help here), and make it all work in unison. Also, none of the airport maps, yelp, or even Google Maps, have all the amenities in an airport, so we had to go ahead and collect them all, find information about them so that we can add them to our private embedded Google Map.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Before our app, there has never been another service (free, paid or otherwise) to offer you this kind of detailed information about what's around you in the airport, and what it would actually take in time and effort to get to your gate. We're proud to have been able to provide all that info, in a personal manner.

What's next for Airport Navigator - Your gate, restaurants & more

There's still a lot of work left to be done, but the next steps involve finishing all of the features of the app, polishing everything up, and then publishing to Google Play

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