After going through all APIs there I see most of the facilities all already satisfied .But I read out somewhere that if you can't innovate the things then you can start by improving, adding new stuffs in past innovations. By taking this thing in mind I found that one thing missing which is most important when a traveller found in time complexity or unable to reach right counter. Because we all go through this situation in minimum one time. So for that I made my small try to give you an overview of it.

What it does

Firstly we have to make one map which include all counter , terminals locations of the airport. When user share his location we askes him about what he is looking for ? and then the map guide him to reach his destination.

How we built it

We can build it in the form of an app or we can add it like a button on our Apps .Here i build it in the form of application using .I an unable to do the work on app development because of time complexity. But I tried it on online site which has inbuilt dependencies so do it to give you an overview. If you like it them I definitely do this also.

Challenges we ran into

The first challenge is to think what to do? as there are already many requirement satisfied in the apps. The another is how to covey my ideas to you in the form of work .

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Accomplishment is the only that I participated in one hackathon and tried to complete it.

What we learned

By attending the workshop conducted by many experts help to get to know about of aviation sector work what are requirements and how I have to think about the future things, so that I do some new stuff in my life.

What's next for Airport Counter and Service Locator

We have to modify it in such a way like when user share his location we directly gives his the map of that airport only not along with that town or along with nearby cities airport. So user can get clear view about only this area of airport nothing other so that he don't be confuse while using it.

Built With

  • appsheet
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