Our project is the mean viable product for an autonomous airport pushback vehicle. In today's airports, when an aircraft is pushed out of the gate, both driver and a watcher is needed. With our vehicle, there is no need for a driver, and the watcher can operate the vehicle so that it will do tasks on its own. Our project has 2 parts, vehicles and MCookie. Both parts we focus on remote control (bluetooth) to simulate the communication between control center and individual vehicles.


Crash Sensor

Design to simulate when the autonomous pushback car contacts the airplanes. It will make a buzz sound.

Light Sensor

Used for detected the bad weather to turn on color LED.

Color LED

Enhanced the visibility of the vehicles.

Robot (mbed)

Remote Control

This robot uses and NXP mbed LPC1768 chip to control the robot. In addition, there is an H-gate chip to help the mbed control the two DAGU motors with a gear ratio 48:1.


Bluetooth communication to simulate the control center and vehicle.

Multiple sensors for enhancing its features.


Multi Threads are needed for performing multi tasks Using ISR and interrupt ticker to solve the problems

Future Enhancement

Adding more buttons function to perform more movements for vehicles.

Adding IMU and distance decoder to knowing the coordinate of the vehicles.

Implementing the interface between bluetooth module and pc so we can parse the data to generate graphs for info and coordinate points.

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