Airport.AI is like Waze for airports: Leveraging the crowd of fellow travelers for more intelligent airport navigation.

Our mobile app tracks travelers as they move around the airport, rewarding them with airmiles for sharing issues such as long waiting times or closed bathrooms.

A busy airport is like an ant colony. We help travelers find the way to their destination by following the trails of others ahead of them, applying swarm intelligence to determine the best directions.

If a traveler have time to spare, our app recommends leisure activities based on the choices of similar travelers in comparable situations.

Adaptive Pathfinder

  • Find best way to destination
  • Based on movements of similar travelers []
  • Routes around congestion
  • Example: Directions from here to gate 7
  • Tech: Swarm intelligence

Collaborative Traveling:

  • Learn from the experiences of fellow travelers
  • Travelers can report problems to community
  • Example: Escalator not working
  • Sharing is rewarded [MasterCard, AA miles]

Smart Recommendations

  • Suggest leisure based on individual circumstances
  • Example: Food court nearest gate depending on wait
  • Discovered from choices of similar travelers [Concur]
  • Tech: Collaborative filtering

Predict Delays

  • Estimated time to reach destination
  • Waiting time available for leisure
  • Example: Estimated TSA line delay
  • Notify when its time to get going or hurry [SFO]
  • Forecast based on status, history, weather [WU]
  • Tech: Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics

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