Have you went on a trip in high spirits only to be stuck at finding a place to park at the crowded beach, wasting your previous time. Or are you trying to get to an urgent meeting in a busy city but has constantly failed to find that plot of land to leave your car on?


Following the success of so many crowdsourcing platforms. We decided to tackle the aging issue of parking space, in a new way.

It's all about Economics :)

Down to the core, it is a simple concept: people owning private parking spaces do not utilize their space the whole time, while at other congested areas travelers are finding it increasingly difficult to find parking. Thus with a potential supply and demand, we have a market. Given the increasing strain on infrastructure, it is sensible to tap on hidden potential sources.


We designed our app with users at heart. We give careful attention given to each detail; we followed material design and stripped elements to the bare minimum while maintaining coherence and readability throughout every screen, thus delivering a beautiful product.

We hope you would enjoy using our app, stay tuned for more updates!

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