• Making multiple datasets available through REST services
  • Real-time data about parking (Private & Public)
  • Google Maps V3 API


  • Collaboration of private parking
  • Offer your driveway for a sum per day
  • Easy search: Those who need parking will all parking spaces
    • Private – markers shown in Azure color
    • Public – markers shown in Orange color
  • Public and Private parking available on same platform

Practicality & aesthetic

  • Solves the problem of parking space.
  • Online status of public parking.(Approx.)
  • A great way to use unused parking spaces at home to make money

Dataset usage

  • City of Waterloo
    • OpenData Bicycle Parking
    • OpenData Parking Lots (includes Motorcycle/Car)
  • University of Waterloo
    • UWaterloo Parking Dataset

Wow factor

  • AIRPNP (AirBnB of the parking (huge monetary aspect))
  • Navigation to the parking Space
  • Online status update of private parking

Built With

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