As out-of-state students and frequent flyers one of our biggest pain points is having to spend large amounts of time at airports alone. We created this application to promote in person interactions and communication between individuals traveling to similar destinations. Whether its networking before a large conference or befriending another student, our application provides the means to connect with a wide range of people.

What it does

Users simply input their flight number to begin their journey after which they are redirected to a page of active meet ups based on their flight information. Users can then either join an existing meet up or create their own!

How we built it

Android Studio, Java, Firebase, and Delta API

Challenges we ran into

The largest challenge we ran into was accessing data from the Delta API as it was inactive for the first half of the hackathon. We had difficulty determining the flow of the UI to make the best user experience

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully setting up Firebase to hold user accounts and active meetups. The application also correctly parses flight information from Delta's API.

What we learned

Navigating around JSON parsing, using external APIs, and further Android development!

What's next for AirPal

Integrating chat feature for meet ups to enable further communication and further UI enhancements.

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