Our Mission

We make sure that you don't have to wait for your flights and that you are always on time.

Getting to one's destination on time is something that everyone values and that's why we built AirOnTime.

AirOnTime is a website that enables you to enter the flight number of the flight you are looking forward to book and quickly shows you how often that particular flight is delayed and what are the other reliable options for the same route.

Knowing the On Time Reliability of your flight can help you make better decisions and manage your time well.

How we built it

  • For the frontend we extensively used Bootstrap CSS.

  • The backend is built with Python and Django 1.10.5 .

Contact Us:

We'd love to hear your feedback

Please visit us at www.aironti.me

What's next for AirOnTime

We have posted a list of upcoming features in the github readme

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