Climate change is a phenomenon where temperatures on Earth become warmer over time. Warmer temperatures disrupt weather patterns and the balance of nature overall. In the past decade, we, as a whole, have experienced the effects of climate change, then let's make a difference! I developed AirOn to provide a safe type of transportation for students without access to a vehicle, but most importantly, to help the Earth!

What it does

AirOn at its core is a ridesharing app similar to Lyft and Uber, but it is much different. AirOn is completely free and only earns money through sponsorships and environmental companies. AirOn also focuses on making rides as safe as possible while combatting the issue many ridesharing apps have today, not enough destinated drivers.

How I built it

I built AirOn using Xamarin by Microsoft, a platform that I am very similar to!

Challenges we ran into

I ran into many challenges with the UI and code, but my experience with Xamarin helped me persevere through it all!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am very proud of the UI, and I tried to perfect it and make it as modern as possible.

What we learned

I learned about various NuGet packages in Xamarin that were built by the community to help developers like me finish tasks easily.

What's next for AirOn

Also, I am currently adding a way to a background check and verify the driver's license of hosters, so there aren't major issues on the road.

  1. Create a modern, yet accessible website
  2. Popularize AirOn on KickStarter and fundraiser platforms
  3. Team with sponsors for better rewards
  4. Team with foundations for donations
  5. Make this project global, so anyone anywhere can save the air


How is this project different from Uber? AirOn is completely free to use, unlike competitors which costs money to ride. AirOn is only funded by the community, sponsorships, and environmental foundations. Also as people become environmentalists instead of compensation in the form of gift cards, I am trying to add donation compensation, for example, 50 Airons is 50 meals donated to a local food bank. I am also looking to reach out to Uber and Lyft to partner with them in the future and combine our feature sets.

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