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Airline Business is very advanced today, comparing to the 60's but still far from perfection.

Airlines say they charge change fees and cancellation penalties to give travelers incentives to purchase full-fare, unrestricted tickets and to limit no-shows for flights, reducing the need to overbook. By paying higher prices, travelers can buy flexibility and avoid change fees/surcharges, where lower prices represent a trade-off, with more restrictions.

The Airlines take advantage of that and collect over $2 Billion every year just from the US travellers just on cancellation fees. Millions of travellers are disappointend and hurt by harsh cancellation fees, booking restrictions and charges.

Today's technological advancement can allow the airlines become FAIRER to their clients and approach their problems and needs!

Examples where companies stimulate bookings and consumer stimulation are:

  • - now you can cancel your accommodation booking till 6 pm same day without any cancellation charge.
  • One of the signs of change is that British Ariways already allow you to change your ticket name for an additional GBP 30 fee.
  • The bookings were not possible through a 3rd party company (besides travel agencies) before PAYPAL has succeeded in establishing a firm position with more flexibe payments worldwide.

If the airlines do not keep their lion's share of travellers in fear of high fees for cancellations and unaffordable prices for flights it will give them an opportunity for continuous market growth and higher revenues with ever more happy clients. Some of the advanced insurance companies start to pay back money to their clients, if the latter do not have accidents in a longer period of time. This transforms their clients into permanent and happy clients.

How it works

Our goal is to generate a product of RADICAL CHANGE (not incremental one). Therefore we suggest to the Airline companies a possible cooperation with AIRMAX, that will generate great yields for both businesses and consumers on a new level.

The AIRMAX app rips the data from all forwarded emails with flight and accommodation confirmations to TripCase. Once the user opens the APP he can see all his recent open bookings. He can choose one and post it in form of a blogpost on the AIRMAX wall of offers.

The user can choose what he prefers: a swap, a sale or both options.

AIRMAX charges through PAYPAL the clients that BUY the offered booking. If the Flight or Accommodation booking is swapped - AIRMAX simply transfers the client data to the original service provider and directs the buyer through PAYPAL to send the money to the person who provided the ticket.

In case a user wants to make a gift for someone he can share his offer in Facebook/Twitter and if anyone likes it and the time/dates convene the person - then the gift is ready!


AIRMAX is a bridge (trusted middleman) between the airline companies and the consumers. The consumers pay a small fee each time they swap, sell or transfer the ticket. The partnering airlines get a monthly lump sum payment or per each transfer (as the airline operator chooses). If more and more Airlines will start implementing the AIRMAX system that will allow people swap, sell or gift their booking to another person (without speculation), this will stimulate and boost the consumer activity and in result bring more profit.

What's next for AIRMAX - Swap, Sell or Gift your Bookings!

Contacting the Airlines Companies and the Service Facilitators to accept a new system and way of selling the tickets/making the bookings. The future of Travel is maximum flexibility and less restrictions for the clients. Get a taste of Future with AIRMAX and help us build a more perfect travel world - fairer and less restrictive and more popular for the consumers and more profitable for the airlines!

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