✈ FlightHero is a flight-tracking app that provides a real time flight status information and helps you to know flight status, lets you to track a flight. Aware of the fact that is also shows a real time flight-board with arrivals and departures, airport traffic delays and a current airport weather in addition to a 10 day detailed weather forecast and synchronizes with your TripIt account (via In-App TripIt Sync AddOn). These features let FlightHero to be one of the best travel apps: ★ THE LARGEST COVERAGE FOR THE FLIGHTS, AIRPORTS AND AIRLINES ✔ 1550 airlines: commercial, cargo, charters ✔ 16227 airports around the world, including: • USA (5639) ✔ Find closest airports to you within 140 miles(200 km) ★ REAL TIME FLIGHT BOARD WITH ARRIVALS AND DEPARTURES ✔ Refreshes regualarly with the ability to cache data when there is no internet connection available ✔ Advances sorting order ✔ Advanced filters: airlines, statuses, arrival and departure information and time range for the most effective sky scanning ★ FLIGHT STATUS ✔ Actual position of the aircraft for the most accurate flight control. Use it as your personal virtual flight radar to know the aircraft speed, latitude, longitude and the altitude ★ FLIGHT ALERTS via PUSH NOTIFICATIONS including: ✔ Status confirmation prior to departure ✔ Notification if the flight is delayed ✔ Notification if the flight is canceled or diverted ✔ Arrival notification when the flight lands ★ AIRPORT WEATHER AND TRAFFIC DELAYS ✔ 10 day detailed weather forecast helps you stay dry when you grab your kayak for fishing on vacation ✔ Delay on a 5-point scale with the 0.25 step ✔ Actual Temperature ✔ Wind speed and direction ★ SHARE INFORMATION ON FLIGHT STATUS • SMS • Email • Twitter • Facebook ★ TERMINAL PLANS ✔ Download all at once from the "Settings". Available only for major termiinals ★ SEARCH ✔ By number ✔ By route ✔ Recently Used list ★ FAVORITES ✔ Add Flights ✔ Add Airports ★ TripIt Sync ✔ Synchronization with your TripIt account (Available through In-App) ★ SKINS ✔ Day ✔ Night ★ MULTILINGUAL ✔ 29 Languages

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