Travelling should not be boring anymore. We

What it does

  • Suggests destinations based on other customers preferences
  • Displays cheapest flight tickets and special offers from the airline
  • Can be used to order drinks and food before or during your journey
  • Shows who is in your flight, allowing you to maybe find that old high-school friend that you have lost contact with
  • Allows Instant messaging between attendees in the same flight, allowing them to interact and maybe share their travel stories.

How we built it

We used Android Studio for the whole Implementation. The registration and login and messaging system was build using the firebase realtime database.

Challenges we ran into

Building adapters for some custom data types that we created. Those adapters are used to bind the data on recyclerviews or lists after fetching them from firebase

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The real-time instant messaging feature. It works on two devices running the App, regardless of their locations.

What we learned

How to work in team, collaborate, take advantage of our personal strengths to push forward and deliver this beautiful App.

What's next for Airline Customer Convenience Mobile Application (ACMA)

Deployment, for everybody to enjoy the features of this Application. Your will enjoy travelling with our App.

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