Our inspiration for this project was to work on a project for a company that we all supported as well as one that pushed us to our hacking limit. American Airlines easily provided both of these, allowing us to jam-pack an application with many useful features for passengers as well as flight attendants!

What it does

Airline-Amigo acts a centralized hub for passengers as well as flight attendants. No airplane is perfect and with many systems that can easily go wrong onboard the plane, Airline-Amigo is there to fix them all. In a single application, you have access to a centralized media server, speech to speech translation, as well as important live flight information such as altitude, distance to destination, expected arrival, wind speed, and weather! This is all based on your flight, with the addition of even having a live bathroom feed that lets you know if it's taken or empty. Never again will you have to wait in line at the back of the plane. Never again will you have a malfunctioned screen, bored out of your mind. Never again will you not have onboard entertainment. Never again will you have important information lost in translation between you and the flight attendant

How we built it

We started with a high-level diagram on a whiteboard, deciding how every piece would function as well as how they would inter-connect. Then we all set up the model-engine API provided by American Airlines while also learning more than we could have ever hope about technologies like swagger and mongodb. Once every team member was knowledgeable about the system and what their job was, we split off into groups to focus on each feature. With the help of git, merging the pieces of the project was a breeze and we were able to complete the application!

Challenges we ran into

The two largest challenges we ran into was getting speech recognition to work perfectly as well as learning how to accurately modify the given API to add our own randomized data that we thought would be most useful to the passengers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have finished every feature we set our minds to for this hackathon. While there are always stretch goals that end up being almost impossible, we never felt like we were cutting out important features just to gain more time.

What we learned

We learned a heap ton more about new technologies like Swagger, MongoDB, React, NodeJs, as well as how to properly connect them all. We also learned a lot more about APIs and how to properly format requests for anything from the speech recognition API to a google speech synthesis one.

What's next for Airline-Amigo

Full distribution to all American Airlines. (#humor) One thing we really hope to add in the future is an expansion of the server onto a raspberry pi as well as added hardware to actually facilitate the bathroomVacancy.

Built With

  • google-speech-synthesis
  • homemade-media-server
  • model-engine-api
  • mongodb
  • node.js
  • react
  • speech-recognition
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