Education was severely disrupted by Covid-19, both for students and institutions.

Schools and training centres are unable to provide their services because of social distancing and it is really difficult for them to go online, as most of them don't have experience in creating online courses.

So what if schools and training centres could easily put their courses online, even without any experience?

Well, that's what AirLearn is for.

What it does

AirLearn is a Learning Management System (LMS) powered by AirTable.

It allows schools and training courses to easily create and publish online courses. Students can watch videos, read materials and submit assignments. And the best part: all data is stored in AirTable, which can be easily customised for each school-specific demands.

Implemented features

  • Setup wizard
  • Configure themes
  • Configure name and description
  • Configure table for Courses
  • Configure table for Lessons
  • Configure table for Students
  • Configure table for Assignments
  • Automatically select fields and table based on the name
  • Publish LMS
  • View summary of LMS
  • Allow to edit and republish LMS
  • Register student
  • Login student
  • List courses by student
  • List lessons by course
  • View lesson videos
  • View lesson materials
  • Submit assignment
  • Send assignment to AirTable base

How I built it

I have used AirTable blocks for the frontend and Node.JS + Express for the backend. I have also used AirTable API to submit the students' assignments.

List of AirTable UI features used:

  • Heading
  • Button
  • FormField
  • Input
  • Link
  • Text
  • Label
  • Dialog
  • TablePickerSynced
  • FieldPickerSynced
  • loadCSSFromString
  • globalConfig
  • useBase
  • useRecords

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of being able to create a flexible, themeable and customisable LMS within such a short period of time.

What I learned

I've learned how to create AirTable blocks and how to use the AirTable API. I was impressed by how flexible and powerful the Airtable solutions are, you can build basically anything with it.

What's next for AirLearn

  • Add more LMS configurations
  • Allow adding additional pages
  • Allow sending messages to students via the platform
  • Create a discussion forum for students
  • Allow students to discover and subscribe to courses
  • Add payment systems for paid courses
  • Add certificates
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