Musicians have been using DJ mixers to produce audio mixtures for years. A DJ mixer is usually heavy and difficult to transport, not to mention costly. Using LeapMotion technology, we programmed a software that will allow musicians to mix audio in the air with only a LeapMotion device. We hope to start a new trend in the industry - Air Jockey (AJ).

Being able to "feel" your music means a lot for a musician. To achieve this goal, we used LeapMotion SDK to identify dozens of human gestures and created brand-new music experience that belongs to the 21st century. Written entirely in C++, the AirJockey software allows AJ to manually map the sound tracks to certain gestures of their choosing in intuitive GUI; furthermore, it gives the user the power to overlap multiple sound tracks and effects by conducting more than one gesture at the same time. For example, AJ can move their left index finger while swiping both hands. This is not achievable in the traditional music mixer.

Our mission is to change the way that people interact with music, giving users more control. With AirJockey we hope to inspire further work on this area.

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