We came to HopHacks with the idea of designing a basic guitar using Myo for motion detection but soon found out that all hand gestures were predefined and the SDK was in c++, which none of us had used before. Determined to get our idea working we buckled down and looked for other ways. This bad start is what lead us to all of our success in the end.

Once we got a basic guitar working we decided to strive farther and added in power cords. Then we made another leap by adding in multiple scales. This was accomplished and then to go even further we added in multiple instruments, piano and acoustic guitar. We ended the project significantly farther then we could have dreamed up with 5 scales of single notes, cords, acoustic version and piano totaling in the use of over 75 notes. There are few air guitar related hackathon projects that have been done. We strongly believe that ours goes far beyond the scope and performance of any of these.

We all very much enjoyed HopHacks and can not thank the sponsors, purple shirts and judges enough for making this event so much fun.

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