David had a Skywriter and we wanted to do something cool with it.

What it does

Skywriter's input is processed in Python, and gesture information is broadcasted through sockets. The JavaFX client then receives gesture events and updates the UI accordingly. It uses for cat images.

How we built it

David wrote the Python server on the Raspberry Pi. Oktay built the JavaFX UI and API integration and Bianca wrote the client socket implementation.

Challenges we ran into

Our original idea was to make an AR app that displays a holographic UI over the Raspberry Pi. After looking at a bunch of AR libraries, we found that we either needed to have experience in OpenGL or Unity in order to pull this off. After a while, we decided to settle with something simpler.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We all built important parts of the project, and each part required us to learn something new. Connectivity with the Raspberry Pi proved very difficult since it didn't have Bluetooth or Wifi, but we finally managed to connect. We had a lot of fun building this app, and we hope you do too.

What we learned

We had a big idea that we couldn't possibly do within 36 hours, but breaking it down helped us accomplish at least some of it.

What's next for Felynder

We're hoping to expand the platform and develop the AR app as well.

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