We have all gone through terrible flight experiences before, especially in regards to missing connected flights because of flight delay. We were inspired as software engineers to create a project which would both help the customers of American Airlines have smooth travel experiences as well as expediting the operations.

What it does

AirFare is a mobile application that has both a front end ui component as well as a back end server which interacts with APIs such as American Airlines Flight-Engine api and Google Places. The application automates everything customer service would normally do in the occurrence of a missed connected flight due to flight delay. This includes booking a new flight, subsidizing appropriate accommodations such as lodging and food, and organizing transportation.

How we built it

We built the back end of AirFair using Python Flask and deployed it on Digital Ocean. We used Adobe XD for the front end client side presentation.

Challenges we ran into

We had challenges in creating a successful cloud server because of SSH key refusals and virtual environment failures on Google Cloud. This led us to to utilize Digital Ocean to host our server and virtual environment.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We made a very nice client with Adobe XD to demo.

What I learned

Our team learned a lot about SSHing and overcoming server-side issues. Furthermore, we increased our expertise in UI/UX design with Adobe XD.

What's next for AirFair

We hope our app shows American Airlines the demand for quick-compensation after a flight is cancelled or overbooked. Many flyers have shown dissatisfaction over airlines' tedious response to compensation and airlines lose billions of dollars from inefficient cancelling/overbooking compensations. We hope AirFair becomes a permanent and growing feature on the AA app for a better customer experience.

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