Interest in Air Crash Investigation

At the age of 10, I piloted my first aircraft under an FAA accredited pilot. Since then, I've had a great interest in aircraft and recently developed a passion for the aerospace engineering field after being hooked to National Geographic's Air Crash Investigation. The first episode I watched was of Air Canada Flight 797 in which a fire developed behind the lavatory of the aircraft. AC979 was en-route from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to Montreal International with a stopover at Toronto Pearson International Airport. The McDonnell Douglas DC-9 was diverted and made an emergency landing at Cincinnati International Airport. Following this 1983 incident, the Federal Aviation Administration changed security measurements in aircraft. The International Civil Aviation Organization added new regulations that smoke detectors must be installed in aircraft lavatories and emergency lights be built into the floor to guide passengers to the nearest exit. My aim is to become an air crash investigator for the National Transportation Security Board and lead a major incident.

What it does

The Aircraft Maintenance X-Ray is a concept currently under research. As future technology, the AMX will be able to thoroughly examine and x-ray aircraft before and after maintenance sessions to ensure that all parts are installed in the vehicle.

How I built it

I have no background in programming, but wanted to participate in Kent Hack Enough for the experience. After day 1, I decided that I wanted to start my venture into the programming world. My presentation is a powerpoint presentation as the concept pitched is part of the aerospace engineering field with major input from computer science.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

In my senior year of high school, I got the opportunity to take a research-based class. The class paired students up with internships based on their interests. Alongside the internship, students were to take on a research question based on their career interests, and spend the year researching and eventually answering the question, and writing a research paper. I chose air crash investigations and aviation safety, and developed a conceptual model of the detachable aircraft cabin which was introduced in 2015, but with my own additions to make it a safer and more efficient safety mechanism on aircraft.

What I learned

I learned that there are many sacrifices that are to be made in order to achieve dreams, whether big or small. My career goals are many, and I hope that I can make all of them reality.

Aircraft Maintenance X-Ray in the works

The Aircraft Maintenance X-Ray is currently only a concept, but after more research, I hope to create a patent for my idea and license it out to major aerospace companies.

I have listed my research website below in which there are detailed papers on my year-long project on Air Crash Investigations and aviation safety, and my new innovation for air safety.

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