We were gonna implement a lot of APIs and cool sounding components that people mentioned at the opening thingie. then we realized, _ we didn't know ANY _of the necessaary languages to get started on our knockoff of snapchat, so we signed up for codeacademy, and each learned a bit of a language like: HTML+CSS, JavaScript, AppInventor (not sure why), Love2D (not on codeacademy, but it loks cool in Sublime. and command prompt, which doesn't help with anything we were doing but was some nice to know stuff . Overall I'm really proud of our team as this is our first hackathon and we all learned a lot. We cuddled. We ate. We cried. We broke the pizza rule. Theres one every year Sorry pizza lady for 1. Not noing your name, and 2. Ordering pizza. Erlich Bauchman, Thanks for actually having a very engaging, down to earth presentation that kept me up more than **a lot of **caffeien. The wifi was 5/7 perfect speeds, comign in at 0. I'd leik to thank the academy, people who are actually doing great things here, and the MLH crew for having the dankest stickers. Eva.

Please let us come back. We are tired, sorry.

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  • codeacademy
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