My Inspiration for this application is my Mum. She absolutely loves to travel but tends to lose her luggage.

What it does

       Airberlin Suave is a simplified suite of mechanisms aimed at providing Airberlin passengers with a smooth in-air and on-land experience from their arrival in the airport to their departure from the airport. Mechanisms like Track Your Luggage and Gate are aimed at providing safeguards against non-knowledge of gate position within a vast airport(Gate). It is basically a countdown timer that reminds you every hour of your gatetime and when your gate opens. Luggage is a  mechanism aimed at reducing stress and worry of where an individuals bag may be(Luggage) during the flight after check in. 

      Other mechanisms like In-Flight Snack, Gaming, Funny Short Stories, Secure Connectivity are more aimed at ensuring that the quality of airplane food increases and airplane companies see a proportional rise in profit and revenue, basically a win-win!(In-Flight Snack), Gaming is self-explanatory and so is Short Stories.

 Also Included are fringe mechanisms like Stressalyssa and Solve a Problem both aimed at diagnosing pressure points in the airport that lead to stressful and un-engaging experiences. Stressalyssa consists of three components : Heart rate monitor, Oxygen Saturation and Record Respiratory rate.  Heart rate monitor uses the camera of an android phone to determine their BPM. Record respiratory rate is a playback mechanism which records your breathing and replays it for you(Not very futuristic i know but doctors posit that slight inflections in breathing patterns could give an idea of other major issues faced by that individual resultant from the stress).

How I built it

This app is built on the android platform with airberlin & xapiix api providing the backend for the application. I created this app in a colloquial manner to ensure that this model is aimed at reducing stress and ensuring a streamlined experience while in the airport for the business man and the ordinary Joe.This app contains a plethora of mechanisms aimed at providing basic  services which create a large amount of crisis in the airport and quick responses to the unexpected crisises that Inevitably pop up.

I consciously refused to work on any mechanism I thought you had already perfected, as I downloaded your android app to see what you had.

Challenges I ran into

This application was a buzzer beater!. i mean it started out well till i realized the limitations some conventional Views in android had and had to improvise to solve the problems i encountered. I only got done with it right as i am writing this , which is the day before the deadline.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building this application alone

What I learned

Programming is awesome.

What's next for Airberlin Suave

Improvements, Improvements, Improvements!!!;)

Built With

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