We wanted to create an application that would hook into AirBerlin's pre-existing systems (for maximum user convenience) and provide additional functionality. We wanted to solve a problem that many customers traveling for business reasons face, which is unexpected flight delays and cancellations. An unexpected delay will cause undue stress, more work for the customer, and can cause business problems if the customer does not react quick enough.

What it does

AirBerlin schedule updater will watch the flight that a customer has bought a ticket for and keep an eye on any unexpected delays or cancellations. In the unfortunate event that a flight is either canceled or delayed, our application will do all of the heavy lifting and provide convenience functionality for the user instantaneously so as to minimize any potential repercussions the user may face.

In short, our application will look for a delay or cancellation. When a cancellation or delay occurs, our application will quickly allow the user to select a new flight, re-arrange the flight for the user (no sitting on hold or waiting in lines!), and most importantly, the application has the capabilities to look at the user's calendar and automatically update any important meetings that will be affected by the delays.

How we built it

We built it as a native Android application. Our application uses the XapiX api to handle all flight related functions, such as booking flights, re-arranging flights, and confirming delays. We also use Google Calendar api to determine if the user will miss any important meetings due to the delays, we will update those events accordingly.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge we ran into was time. We are a team consisting of 3 college students, and the lead developer on this team had 10 hour school days 5 days a week. We were also notified of the competition roughly one week before the deadline, which resulted in a lot of scrambling to get finished

Out of our team of 3, two had only done minor work with android, and so building an application with only one member who was familiar with Android was a difficult challenge, as we had to ensure all members were kept up to speed on what was happening.

The time constraints resulted in our having to build sub-optimal UI's that we were not proud of. Unfortunately we could not commit the time or resources to build out fully flushed UI's like we originally wanted. Given more time we would have had the opportunity to create truly beautiful and intuitive user interfaces and experiences

Utilizing XapiX and Google's APIs are another challenge we faced. We had never before used XapiX api and had a learning curve there.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to scramble and finish an application with two members who were new to Android. We are also proud of the fact that we were able to complete most of our desired functionality

What we learned

Android, XapiX Api, Google Calendar Api

What's next for AirBerlin schedule updater

More robustness in dealing with re-scheduling, and fully integrating with AirBerlin's existing services. This will give us pre-existing user data (no custom logins) and more detailed / accurate information

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