The inspiration is from our life experience on campus. The classroom temperature and air quality is important and hard to know. We always feel cold or hot when we enter in classroom, due to too low and high air condition setting. And air quality in classroom is also a problem, too much dust and carbon dioxide in classroom can cause serious allergy or risk to flu. So we decide to build something to help students monitor the condition of classrooms. It's Airbeee.

What it does

It has an application. Anyone can download our application to see the condition of classrooms. For our application. Our users use our application to view the classroom data, they can use these data to decide how to wear and prepare for comfortable studying. Users can view classroom data on their devices. There’s a campus map on our application, and users can view different zones’ environment data by clicking on specific zones. There’s also a ‘score’ on map, which calculated by the combination of three factors (Temperature, humidity and air quality). It would give a reference of how comfortable people staying in there. We would have an open data program, anyone can view the history data and see is there any chance to low the power cost(best temperature setting) or make improvement to air flow system(reduce dust and carbon dioxide).

How I built it

Our idea including a hardware device, which can monitor the temperature, humidity and air quality from classroom. These data are provided by built-in sensors on our device board. Our hardware using Arduino MEGA and an Dragon board 410C. Arduino gets data from sensors and processing data. Then it would send all data to Dragon board, Dragon board would send data to our server using web-based API. Our server would store all data in database and users can access all data from their phone.

Challenges I ran into

Sadly, Dragon board would die after like 10-minutes running, we don't know why. So we have another plan to send the data back to computer, and then update the data using c# program.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Airbeee

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