I'm sure we've all loved jamming out to air guitars when we were younger. Nothing quite beats the feelings of liberation that come with strumming it out when no one is watching to judge you. Well, now we've created a program that allows you to enjoy this experience in a novel way.

What it does

Users can manipulate instruments simply by strumming and performing movements in the air with their hands. Enjoy the sounds of music rolling off your fingertips as you embark on a magical journey of self discovery through colorful musical paradises and blissful eargasmic wonderlands. One use of our app will change your world by enlightening you with the ways of freedom and peace. If you like puppies, you will love this app. The contrapositive is also true: if you hate this app, you hate puppies.

How I built it


Challenges I ran into

Managing the bajillion threads, lag, simulating the instrument sounds in a reasonably efficient manner, finishing on time, stopping myself from exploding with pleasure when using this program, and getting leapmotion to recognize our gestures properly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Conquering all of the above challenges. Also figuring out how to thread.

What I learned

How to thread. Also that you can crop out pictures from their backgrounds with powerpoint.

What's next for AirBand

More instruments, more advanced sound generating algorithms for instrument sounds, pitch manipulation (bending pitches and vibrato) and other exciting stuff. Support for multiple instruments at once.

Built With

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