Inspiration comes from these factors:

  • Avid Airplane and fighter jet lover
  • All time curious airplane enthusiast
  • Passion to help airplane travelers
  • Never traveled by air

What it does

Single app, solves multiple problems in perfection:

  • Flight tracker: This feature lets the users to track their AirBerlin flight and get its precise position plotted on a map, also it measures the flight's current speed along with its altitude.

  • Airport delay finder: This feature calculates the delay index at any airport and prepares a chart for the user according to the processed data.

  • Restaurant finder: Provided a user is inside an airport, this feature in the app finds the best restaurants around the airport and plots them on a map, making the process convenient and accessible.

  • Air ticket booking: This feature lets the users to book AirBerlin flight tickets to anywhere across the globe without leaving the comfort of the app.

  • Multiple games: This feature comes as an entertainment, provided a user is bored or annoyed, the multiple games developed inside the app lets the users to play and have fun.

  • Meditation module: This feature comes as a utility, provided a user enters an airport after a long journey, chances are high he/she may be tired/stressed/annoyed . Meditation helps to solve all these problems and also is an effective way for time pass as well as to enhance aerobic ability.

  • Travel list : This feature helps the users to watch videos of some hand picked destinations that a travel lover would definitely want to check in .

  • Emergency Support: Provided a user needs any emergency assistance from the AirBerlin team, the emergency dial button dials to the AirBerlin's international support team.

    How I built it

    The app is developed with the help of following technologies:

  • Android Studio

  • Java

  • XML


  • Flightstats API

  • Retrofit

  • Google Maps API

  • Google Places API

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge has been to maintain an emotional stability during the development phase, as design, development and debugging were all done by me alone.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Spontaneous ecstasy of being able to develop an impressive app for Airberlin's airport travelers. Also, the features I developed inside the app excites and forces me to try again and again.

What I learned

  • Learned RX Java and asynchronous programming
  • Learned to customize the google map API to full extent
  • Learned to effectively and efficiently make network calls using retrofit
  • Gained experience to build a similar app in a shorter time span

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