We were inspired looking at the challenge given by C2.

What it does

This test simulates the environment within an air traffic control tower. A player and their 3 partners will work together to safely and rapidly help planes land. A player will control one of the four landing zones of the airport (each quadrant is much like the 4 quadrants within a plane). To control a plane, click on the square for it to turn blue. From there you can press 1 or 2 to command the plane to turn around and toggle whether the plane should land on the landing strip of the current zone its in, respectively. If the player is unable to land the plane within their own quadrant, they may only move the planes to quadrants directly adjacent to their own by toggling the plane to move off the screen and into the side of the directed quadrant. If a plane is landed within a quadrant, it will directly pass through to the quadrant diagonal to the landed down quadrant and lift off from there. Thus, if a plane is being landed down, the diagonal quadrant must be free. By using the chat functionality and communicating with the other team players, the player must be able to make sure that planes will not crash and coordinate the landings with the other team members. Communication and collaboration is key!

How we built it

We built this project by creating a server using javascript through and node.js because we needed a chat function where the players could communicate with one another. To create the game, we created a canvas using HTML5 and CSS.

Challenges we ran into

We had many issues regarding connecting the server to the game because although we were able to initially get the server connected locally, there were issues when we tried to do it outside of local. In addition, the way we created the game required that the one game would be played on one large game board, but each player would only look at one zoomed in quadrant. However, we found that as we were trying to play a game, each player was on an entirely different gameboard. Thus, we had to work around these challenges.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the chat function that was worked into the web application which allows for the players within the game to play together and increase the multiplayer functionality.

What we learned

We learned how it is important to have a good structure in creating the backbone of the project. Furthermore, we learned how to create a chat function which allows for multiplayer functionality.

What's next for Air Traffic Control Simulation

We are hoping to add more levels that would make the simulation more realistic. For example, we are hoping to create a fuel functionality to the planes that makes it so that the planes must land down as fast as possible. In addition to a fuel functionality, we hope to put in emergency landings for planes and weather patterns so that players must problem solve and decide with each other which plane is more important to land down first.

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