According to CDC chronic lower respiratory diseases are the 3rd cause of death for the last 15 years and the rates didn't decrease, also the rates are bigger in big cities than small towns.

As an individuals we're trying to eat healthy, do some exercise, avoid hazardous situations

As a society we're trying to have a better resources management to consume as less we can, create electric vehicles to decrease air pollution, but still we have a long path to follow, until we are not on there we need to know what are the current and future air quality conditions to take actions and mitigate risks, doesn't matter what we do as an individuals or as society if the air we breathe is not good enough, we always hear about the water but what about the air?, both things are necessary to survive

What it does

it's a real time application to monitor several parameters (temperature, traffic, wind, pollution) and uses those to identify risks and predict what could be the ideal conditions for a catastrophe, providing the users a tool to know what they can expect and take predictive actions

How we built it

We use intel edison and the grove sensors include to monitor in realtime environment conditions, also we include a mapquest and google maps to show in realtime in the map the air quality measurement in a map, including traffic alerts, time series data is stored in predix and also analyze, using the analytics micro services predix provides (anomaly detection) to identify hazardous conditions according to monitored parametres

Challenges we ran into

put together in a simple way all parameters to show how those affect air quality

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we we're able to achieve our biggest challenge

What we learned

how predix can handle a lot of data and analyze pretty fast

What's next for air quality monitor and diagnosis

Add as much variables we can to be more accurate in predictions

Built With

  • google-maps
  • intel-edison
  • intelligent-mapping-data
  • mapquest-incidents
  • predix-analytics
  • predix-assets
  • predix-machine
  • predix-time-series
  • predix-uaa
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