Our main inspiration was from a CBC article which said that 60 percent of the world's wildlife had been wiped out since 1970. This article inspired us to take action to help various people across the world and help mitigate the future impacts of climate change.

What it does

The Air Quality 5000 by Wind Labs provides the user with a variety of metrics such as the temperature, oxygen levels, carbon dioxide levels, and the humidity, however, the main purpose of this project is to assess the air quality at home or at work.

How we built it

We built this project by sitting down opening our laptops, using our various expertise in each of the programming languages and smashing the buttons on the keyboard into Visual Studio Code and Google Cloud.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we ran into were that the timestamp was not working, the elevation was messed up as it would still stay the same even as we went to the second and third floor and the time was too limited to produce a 3-D map which would accurately identify where we would implement mitigation strategies for climate change.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Some of the accomplishments that we are proud are that we came together to create an aesthetically pleasing website, we were able to utilize the various lectures provided in our project, and we were able to incorporate most of the achievement sections to compete for prizes.

What we learned

We learned how much time it takes to implement this project, time-management skills, collaboration skills, the different platforms, and APIs that were available for use.

What's next for Air Quality 5000 by Wind Labs

For the next hackathon, we plan to implement the 3-D mapping to accurately determine where we should implement climate change strategies, develop AI to make the Air Quality 5000 more effective and make the Air Quality 5000 cheaper and customizable.

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