I've been collecting my outdoor activity routes such as walking and running for some time. I recently learned about how using memory palace to remember things. The idea is to associate the things you want remember with imaginary spaces. Maybe we can combine these and label the actual, familiar buildings and intersections with names? This app is a prototype for this idea.

What it does

First it collects your activity routes and plot altogether on the map. This activity map then becomes the base map for your palaces. You can add many palaces, each of which contain a group things you intend to remember.

How I built it

I built it with ArcGIS on iOS.

Challenges I ran into

ArcGIS is new to me. Had an idea to automatically suggest buildings for labeling, but didn't find an easy and universal solution.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A new idea. And I'm the solo developer.

What I learned

Should spend more time finding a good serious teammate. A two or three person team is productive and manageable.

What's next for Memory Palace

Add GPS tracking capability. Improve UI.

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