This project was inspired by the massive quantities of accessible data online and the lack of useful data visualization methods. I have found so much accessible spreadsheet data and I always wished the data could be viewed with a slider in which only the data most corresponding to the slider value would be shown at once. This helps users better comprehend such massive amounts of data because users can easily focus on a specific magnitude of data as well as compare different data types of similar magnitudes (such as being able to see both the GDP and forested land percentage at similar relative magnitudes simultaneously). Since this form of data visualization cannot be found anywhere on the internet, I had decided to make my own program for this form of visualization.

What it does

This program allows us to visualize data in an intuitive and comprehensive manner. There is a slider in which you drag the slider to change the value; the program would then show you the pieces of data that most correspond to the value given by the slider. In this case, data regarding the air pollution levels, percentage of forested land, and annual GDPs are given.

How I built it

I did research into multiple credible sources of information online to find international data regarding the air pollution, forested land area, GDPs, and GDPs per capital of every country around the world. I put these data into spreadsheets and loaded them as csv files into I then coded a program that takes this csv data and displays them in my revolutionary data-visualization program. The data used in this program come from these sources:

Challenges I ran into

Throughout coding this project, I had run into dozens of bugs at every step in coding. While running into bugs is natural for a programmer like me, I also had to learn how to use TKinter: the most common GUI module used with Python.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is my first hackathon that I've entered into. And I've spent hours making this program and fixing dozens of bugs along the way. I feel very accomplished to have taken the courage to enter into a hackathon with the desire to win.

What I learned

My research has enabled me to recognize the sheer magnitude of the difference between countries in terms of environmental and financial status.

What's next for Air Pollution, Forest land, and GDP data visualizer

This program allows for an easy and useful demonstration of international data in the categories of finance and environmentalism, which can be expanded on to cover other forms of data. This can also be expanded on so that contextual information would be provided alongside the data, for international comparison data like mine, this may also include the flag of the country. This may also be expanded into two dimensions in which there are two sliders , each slider corresponding to a certain type of data (such as having one slider control GDP and the other slider control air pollution level), and the datum that most closely matches the two sliders would be shown.

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