It's always been a fun pastime to pretend you're holding a guitar and jam out to your favourite song. With the power of the Myo armband combined with a multi-touch phone, you can now jam out on your air guitar without the need() to make fake exaggerated guitar noises with your mouth. ( though you can, and should, still do that)

AirGuitar is an easy but powerful application that transforms your two hands in to a fully functional guitar with just a Myo armband and an Android device.

With two avid musicians in the group, we had lots and lots of passion and inspiration that went in to this idea. The ability to create music from just strumming the air was a magical experience, and we were proud to be able to bring that to life at PennApps.

By using accelerometer, gyroscope, and touch data from both the Android device as well as the Myo armband, our app makes it easy for anyone, anywhere to jam on their own Air Guitar. One hand strums and the other hand picks between four chords, making this an app just about anyone can use - regardless of age or skill level.

We're especially proud of our intensity and resonation built in - strum fast and hard to play louder and different tones. Also, use the built in recorder and looper to beatbox, drum, or play alongside your current jam!

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