Cortana help Master Chief in battle. So why not a bot that can help customer finding the deal of the flight bookings or enhance customer experience.

What it does

Using natural language processing and artificial intelligence, it help customer to find the flight bookings and prepare their journey. Many business customers have these question in mind: -How much time did delays or disruptions cause my itinerary? -Is my traveling to business meeting will meet the contractual obligations to suppliers or customers? Hope the bot can help to make a good decision. Also the bot can help prepare passenger before and after the flight which can boost customer experience.

How I built it

-Using AJAX to call the XapiX API end points. -Using NodeJS combined Wit.AI as the conversation engine.

Challenges I ran into

-Some error messages from XapiX showed up during the API call. -Mapping the customer conversations as different customer has different needs. -We can not find a cheap flights which have the facilities of Business Flex

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Improvement in my big data data skills. In the previous GE hackathon, I failed getting the streams ADS-B data to be analyzed. Now I am successfully getting the statistical anomaly detection from the streams of ADS-B data which can be a basic trend and statistical analysis that able to give answers regarding the frequency delays of certain flights to a particular destination.

What I learned

Solving AngularJS CORS issues can take long time coupled with some other Ionic issues. Javascript still amazed me with strange errors.

What's next for Air Berlin Bot

Improve the AI and learn more of the customer journey.

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