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Premised upon a need for inclusivity and acceptance, Air Band ushers in a whole new era in the video game market by making gaming accessible to absolutely everyone. We were inspired by a passion to contribute in our own small way to the accessibility movement and Air Band is our way of doing exactly that. Controls that require absolutely no motor control whatsoever ensure that the differently abled can now enjoy the expansive world of gaming, finally making video gaming a truly ‘inclusive’ industry.

How we built it

Based on cutting-edge wearable EEG technology, the Air Band uses the Muse headband’s infrastructure to gather data related to the frontal cortex of the brain. This data is then used to detect actions like a blink or a jaw clench--anything that causes even the most minute of variation in the electric signal pattern in the frontal cortex. Once this detection is complete, these signals can be used as controls for absolutely anything in any game--in this case shifting strings and adjusting loudness. The possibilities for growth and innovation are truly endless!

Challenges we ran into

Our main challenge was figuring out the data collection process and data handling between Muse Direct, MuseIO, and Unity so that the brainwaves could be used as controls in Unity for the game.

What's next for Air Band

Our dream is a truly barrier-less gaming industry. We believe that this will give a faction of society that often feels marginalized through absolutely no fault of their own an opportunity to compete like everyone else on a level pedestal. This will in turn foster a sense of inclusivity within the larger community that can only benefit the world. Furthermore, in an increasingly divisive world, we believe this message holds true now more than ever and Air Band is a step in the right direction towards achieving this mission.

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