-I developed this app as a part of my research Internship at Rutgers university, New brunswick under "Air Aware" project ( supported by NSF. The current methods of measuring pollution levels are not very accurate because they include having a stationary pollution monitoring station and that cannot completely estimate the actual pollution levels as it is coarse-grained. we present a vehicular-based mobile approach for measuring fine-grained air quality in real-time

-The idea is to get meaningful pollution data through crowd sourcing so as to better understand the environment around us.

-Target user is anyone and everyone who wants to know more about how the pollution around us behaves and wants to contribute towards its understanding in someway.

-The app sends data to our server automatically every 1 min and it can do so using cellular data or wifi only mode. It also gives the pollution levels around the device's current location which has been posted by others using the App and the node device nearby. The app tags every oxa reading with current GPS co-ordinates, speed, temperature, pressure, humidity etc before sending it to our server every minute.

-It also has last 30 min graph view which gives a trend as to how the pollution level varied over time when using the NODE device.

-The app also has an "Offline-Alarm Mode" which an Individual can use to monitor levels for personal use without sending the data to our server. In this mode, the app sounds an alarm when the Carbon Monoxide PPM value goes above a certain limit. (carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer as many people die in winters due to CO poisoning, this was one of the reasons that motivated me to include this mode so that an Individual can turn on the app while sleeping at night and be notified if there is any danger)

-One of the key features I am proud of is how the app manages sending data just over wifi. (if cellular mode is not selected). In this mode, the app collects the data and stores it in a file internally and starts a service when the user exits this app which checks for an active wifi connection every 1 hr. The service automatically stops after the data has been sent.

-The app requires registration or logging in when used for the first time and whenever a new NODE device is connected, it sends the device and the user account info automatically to our server so that we can track which person has what node and if they are using it regularly.

-I have tried my best to make this app very simple to use and do most of the work it is supposed to do automatically in the background and I am also happy with the design of the app. (It gives a large PPM view on the main screen which updates every second so that a user can get quick info about the pollution level whenever he wants to check while the app is running. There is a detailed monitor view as well, which includes more information and the graph view)

-The idea is that a user will turn on this app whenever they want to contribute to sending data to our server and this big data will help us to understand the pollution around us in a better way.

-This app was a part of my research Internship under the air-aware group, I am a graduate student at Rutgers University and I believe methods like these will change the way we see and understand world around us hence I am submitting this app in the prize category for Academic Research, College Student Developer and Better World Award.

NOTE - The map-view right now just shows pollution levels in New - Jersey and once we distribute more nodes and people start using it, the levels will be seen properly on the map-view. By default, the mapview will load a map centered around Rutgers campus which shows the pollution levels measured by a sensor box we deployed on one of our buses)

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