You know that Problem when you have a movie you want to have music for but the song that you want to use is not royalty free?

What it does

With the help of musimap it shows you similar songs and transposes them with the help of Watson into royalty free music.

How I built it

In the node.js interface you can search for a song that you have in mind. With musimap and the help of machine learning it shows you songs that are similar. These songs are then transcoded with the MusicBricks Programm of Frauenhofer and feed into Watson. You can then download your royalty free song.

Challenges I ran into

Frauenhofer tool just gives a one stream melody output.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

API partly not responsive

What I learned

First build a minimal prototype and then add functionality. Always test with your users first.

What's next for MCWatson

IBM Watson will release a tool to analyze your video and then compose a track that is also just fitted for your cuts in the video.

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