Due to COVID-19, millions of students across the world have been forced to quickly adapt to video lectures and online education. To make this process of studying more efficient, We thought to help students by summarizing any video lecture transcripts while also capturing the full lecture transcript so students can pay full attention to the video lecture instead of being distracted by taking notes.

What it does

AInotes is a web application where students can give the URL of any youtube video lecture and can generate the full lecture transcript, summarized transcript containing all the important points.

How we built it

We have built this web application using Flask. The web app accepts youtube video URLs (as of now, I want to make this work for any video lecture URL), extracts the youtube video and converts the video file to an audio file using a youtube-dl package, sends the audio file to Google Cloud Speech-to-Text API to get a full transcript, sends the transcript to Google Natural Language API to get a summary of the transcript, sends the summary to the frontend to display to the user.

Challenges we ran into

This project is very challenging as we work the first-time with flask and Google Cloud, so it took quite some time to become familiarized. Further, managing packages and dependencies while working with machine learning is always a difficult task.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completing this application in time.

What we learned

While building this application we have learned so much about Google Cloud and web development in python.

What's next for AInotes

This is just the beginning of AInotes. I want to generate practice quiz tests containing a set of questions with answers from which they can do a self-analysis (self-calibration). Further, I want to provide options to download the summarized text so that they can refer to it in the future. Also, I want to add a feature for providing links for further in-depth knowledge based on the video content using NLP.

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