Personal experiences both teaching and studying, especially during the pandemic.

What it does

AInnotations offers a number of features in order to streamline the education process. More specifically, we give 3 primary functions. First, our software has the ability to condense the lecture into simple notes that only focus on the absolute need-to-know concepts. Second, we offer customizable templates so that students can have their notes formatted in a way that visually appeals to them. Finally, our program has the ability to translate the notes into other languages so that foreign students no longer have any inherent disadvantage in the classroom.

How we built it

The user uploads an MP3 file of their lecture. Google’s speech to text API will process speech into a JSON file in which it’ll be parsed into text. Additional processes are made with options for the transcribed text, like translating it into the student’s native language if they are struggling to understand.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

AInnotations has a key advantage. It can translate large chunks of boring lectures into concise notes, which none of the three main competitors on the market can do right now.

What's next for AInnotations

There are three main goals for the next phase. The first is to allow for real time transcription and translation which would allow students quicker access to the key points. The second is to upgrade it to a responsive web-app, allowing it to be used on any system and any device. The third goal is the additional student friendly features of automatically turning those notes into testable flashcards, making AInnotations the go to site for all note takings and revisions. To make this a feasible product business-wise, income will need to be generated. Ads will be used, and a subscription for additional features other than the basic feature of transcription and translation will be accessible with a small subscription fee of $10/month. We are currently targeting students directly. However, we want to have the opportunity to offer it as a supplementary service to other popular student-friendly websites that help in revisions and studying, like Quizlet and Chegg. With that possibility in mind to expand our outreach, we want to target immigrants who are trying to adapt to a new life or students who have a learning disability that find writing notes difficult. We aim to improve the quality of education so students can reach their greatest potential in the classroom.

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