I like amazon and always use amazon prime one-day delivery. delivery cost is important for me.

What it does

solve redelivery problems. AI checks customer's absence using telephone and chat bot. According to customer's reply, if absence is obvious, the staff will skip the delivery and proceed to the next customer. At that time, we will automatically search for the shortest route to neighboring customers, and update the more efficient delivery route at all times. Also, for customers who wish to use delivery box, they will be stored directly in the delivery box without ringing the room bell.

How I built it

JavaScript locally then push to bluemix

Challenges I ran into

AI telephone app. chat bot

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

demo is exciting.

What I learned

twilio API and bluemix

What's next for AInekoYamato

more robustness and more target SNS platform like twitter or instagram.

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