Government officials are increasingly finding it difficult to adhere to quality, meet deadlines, streamline user experience, and act swiftly, without the power of low-code enterprise digital process automation. Gartner Study on Governments and Technology says, by 2023, at least 85% of governments without a total experience (TX) strategy will fail to successfully transform government services.

Major Government services like performing inspections are taking enormous time, cost, and energy due to siloed websites being ineffective in meeting quality standards and building total experience for users. The disjoint legacy systems don’t have the ability to scale and change quickly as per the regulations or intelligently handle automations for increasing productivity.

We wanted to extend our expertise and achievements in building efficient inspection solutions in EMEA region to other regions for providing easier Governance and better quality of life for citizens. AIMF (Aaseya Inspection Management Framework) uses state-of-the-art Intelligent Automation capabilities of Pega, for increasing inspector productivity by its built-for-change features, that help in ensuring inspections are always conforming with the evolving standards, policies, and guidelines.

What it does

Aaseya’s Inspection Management Framework (AIMF) allows the Governments to extend a common reuse framework, by following the Top of the T approach, to various Inspection categories like Health, Food, Hospitals, Security, Buildings, Roads, Environment, Industries, Hospitality, etc.

• AIMF allows the Governments to reuse and extend the built-in framework to include various Inspection categories (like Health, Food, Hospitals, Security, Buildings, Roads, Environment, Industries, Hospitality, etc.), associated regulations and violations details. • It has a highly configurable Questionnaire Framework that will enable the business users to configure checklists, related questions, and configurable answer options, that can be mapped for the related business activities of the Inspection categories. • The admin module allows for easy management of scheduled/periodic inspections and configurations for extending each data type by means of delegated data objects with easy excel import of new categories, clauses, etc.

AIMF aims to improve the audit and inspection experiences, ensure quality adherence, scale with ease, automate intelligently to save time, increase inspector productivity, and provide total experience to citizens. All these capabilities are geared towards common goal of IT modernization needs of Governments and Organizations, to enable efficient Inspections, cost savings, increased penalty collections, and being future ready with Pega’s AI capabilities.

How we built it

Already for Governments, Pega has been playing an instrumental role with its Low Code Intelligent Automation platform, across Federal, State Governments, U.S. Census Bureau, etc. Aaseya also implemented several government projects like Saudi Ministry of Justice, Step Change, Schroders and also automated inspections for Saudi Ministry of Labor, Saudi Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs.

Aaseya understood the evolving industry need of inspections in various segments and along with our experience in building similar projects, we intend to come up with a vision to build and derive the comprehensive Inspection Platform solution that takes the Intelligent Automation offering of Pega to the next level. Further it has the potential to make use of AI abilities to trigger the inspection events, anomalies that can be fed in to automate subsequent actions which helps optimize the overall inspection mechanism.

During discovery we collated all the features we wanted to develop using design-thinking, storyboarding, and defined the MVP. During Build we followed best practices by kickstarting development using Pega’s App Studio and created the application by first defining the Customer Journeys, Case Types, Personas, and Data Types. We then continued building and testing the features iteratively and went to executive leadership in Aaseya for demo feedback and review comments, which were incorporated in subsequent weekly iterations.

Challenges we ran into

It was not easy to come up with a questionnaire framework that could allow customization of questions, categories, options based on zones, inspection categories, etc., and allow changing answer types, display controls, options, etc., all through configuration. We were blessed to have a great team that was able to create a robust scalable design, that is fully functional and configurable.

The automated intelligent routing based on availability of inspectors and their mappings with inspection categories, zones, skills, etc., was also a good challenge, but decisioning capabilities of Pega were helpful in building the complex logic.

Lastly, the amazing user-experience was vital for making it easy for inspectors to achieve their goals efficiently and offline plus omni-channel capabilities of Pega were of great help! Right usability with different controls, like tree-view, carousel, etc., for best user experience across various devices, for making it intuitive and look great, was also a nice challenge to tackle, and kept us excited during the development journey.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We chose to build the AIMF Solution using Pega’s Intelligent Automation Platform as a Framework for using it with Pega’s recommended Top of the T approach. By adopting the Pega Express Implementation Methodology, we were able to deliver Minimum “Loveable” Product within a short period. We have built a solid foundation for adding new features.

We were able to build below features that we believe could make inspection processes completely configurable to scale and execute easily, not just for Governments, but for any type of inspections or audits that an organization may want to carry out:

  1. Completely configurable inspection categories, clauses, question answers, controls, associated penalties, etc. using Data Objects and Delegation features
  2. Fully functional process of Inspection that could be triggered using Pega’s omni-channel capabilities by a schedule maintained in Pega, initiated ad-hoc by an Inspector or raised by public in government web portal, mobile, etc.
  3. Fully integrated Maps and Geo-location features for defining municipal zones, establishment locations and Inspector locations for intelligent routing based on availability, skills, location and zone mapping of inspectors
  4. Cosmos-Themes based gorgeous UI with carousal controls, rich navigation capabilities, visual indicators, multi-view worklists, mobile friendly responsiveness, astounding reports, in essence we gave a lot of emphasis to UX and usability intensive design throughout the solution
  5. Ability to increase inspection efficiency with automation and robust process, that reduce cases falling through cracks via ability to monitor cases and detect quality issues easily

What we learned

Across the world, many large government organizations, have chosen the Pega Infinity Platform and Pega DX Architecture to implement solutions related to Defense and Intelligence, Justice and Public Safety, Revenue and Regulatory, Transportation, Healthcare and Agriculture sectors. AIMF is our foray in Government Digital Transformation journey, that is built on Pega’s Intelligent Business Process Management System (iBPMS) with low-code/no-code model-driven application development. AIMF safeguards public and government’s objectives of quality products and services and addresses such outcomes at scale.

We got experience of creating a solution that can suite any Government or Organization, whose primary objective is to protect and safeguard the interest of consumers by conducting inspections and identify fraudulent and inferior quality products and services. It was a unique experience building a solution that is so unique that it could cater to the inspection and control needs of the various types of points of service like marketplaces, restaurants, hospitals, construction areas, sanitation etc.

We explored to build the configurability around these inspection types and modelled them such that the specific needs and attributes of the service, can be parametrized and handled separately. That helped us build a state-of-art Inspection System as it allows each inspection category to be added as a top-on service on the robust base that permits configurability for new service deployments. Each category can have different kinds of inspections, periodicity, establishment classifications, capability to handle campaigns, onboarding of volunteers as inspectors etc. So, once the base framework is deployed, the sound architecture can provide for rapid releases for new inspection category additions.

What's next for AIMF

We want to continue developing AIMF and put it in Pega Marketplace.

The solution currently comprises of both desktop and mobile applications with mobile apps built specifically for field inspectors. Further to facilitating the inspection, the system also enabled inspectors to raise violations and apply fines. We primarily want to build capability to raise objections and run campaigns on the violations in next MVP.

Our roadmap is to build some of the below features in AIMF and keep enhancing it further: • Route recommendations for Inspectors for GPS routing using him mobile device • Adaptive AI based skill-routing so that new skills are auto-updated to inspectors based on inspections successfully performed • Ability to launch Campaigns to target inspection of an inspection category and zone in a particular period, along with Campaign Dashboards for campaign performance evaluation • Ability to configure questions so that few questions can be highlighted as important • Inspectors to be able to see system generated score for specific inspection types based on past data for further assessment and approval • Ability to raise Objections so that Citizens can provide contradictory evidence against the inspections performed • Introduce CDH capability for detecting anomalies by gathering analytics on establishments for optimizing inspection schedules and periodicity accordingly

Built With

  • 8.7
  • cosmos
  • intelligent-automation
  • mobile
  • pega
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