Relief Distribution System We are looking to create a system that helps manage effective distribution of relief funds and donated resources from various organizations as well as volunteers. In our system certified NGOs will be working on the ground level interacting with the general public and handing out reliefs. These NGOs will also put up requests through our system for necessary items and funds. Requests will then be immediately fulfilled from the resource bank. If resources for a request is unavailable, a listing will be put out on the app. The listing can be fulfilled by the government, organizations and individuals that might be willing to donate to the cause. The implementation of this productive system can be done in mere days. The system relies on honest and hardworking volunteers. End Users are the common people and NGOs. NGOs shall hand out reliefs to the common people. Places where a certain item is in excess can help by donating for places where there is scarcity. NGOs can actively interact with each other by putting up requests. The Government can continue to monitor, record and provide funds. The transactions will make the job easy for the government in providing aid and reduce it to shifting stuff to the doors of NGOs. This will help reduce wastage of resources and help carry out distribution in an organized fashion. In future if any calamity or crisis takes place, we will always have an effective and working system online.

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